Moritz Eschbach

Attorney at Law

Specialist lawyer for traffic law
Specialist lawyer for building law

Focal points of activity:

Traffic Law, Civil Law, Labour Law, Landlord Disputes and Apartment
Ownership Law, Medical Law

Andreas Gerhard

Attorney at Law

Focal points of activity:

Family Law, Labour Law, Inheritance Law, Insurance Law


The law office Dr. Hartmann & Zaeske in Kaiserslautern was established in the beginning of the year 1993 by the attorneys Dr. Wolfgang Hartmann and Peter Zaeske and can look back to a 25-year history.

At the beginning of the year 2018 the attorneys Moritz Eschbach and Andreas Gerhard assumed the ownership of the law office. Attorney Moritz Eschbach worked as an employee for a couple of years in the office, attorney Andreas Gerhard had an lawyer office for more than 20 years in Pirmasens. Dr. Wolfgang Hartmann and Peter Zaeske still also represent our clients.

Since 1996, the business premises of the law office are located in Mozartstrasse, in the inner city of Kaiserslautern. Because of this favorable location, the law office can be reached easily in a few minutes form the central station and the near-by bus stops.

Public parking lots are found in the immediate vicinity or in front of the law office on Mozartstrasse. In spite of the central location in the inner city, silence permits concentrated work.

The law office considers itself a provider of services with the priority task of making problems evident to our clients as well as presenting and translating possible solutions into action rapidly.

It is our goal to establish long-term partnership relations between client and law office. We make every effort to avoid confrontations in court by adequate advice in the forefield.