VW exhaust scandal

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The Volkswagen Group in the exhaust gas scandal: It has been clear since 2015 that the Volkswagen Group has deceived its customers. The BGH has now confirmed this with legal certainty in its judgment of May 25, 2020. “Cheating software” is used in the diesel engines from VW and its subsidiaries SKODA, SEAT, AUDI and PORSCHE (EA189 module). This simulates low exhaust gas values that are not maintained in normal driving. The affected vehicles are threatened with decommissioning. You as a customer – regardless of whether you bought the vehicle used or brand new – did not purchase an environmentally friendly vehicle, but in the truest sense of the word a mock pack.

We would be happy to check for you free of charge whether your vehicle is also affected by the exhaust gas scandal and how high your compensation can be.

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Dear clients, customers,
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In the course of the current developments, we would like to minimize direct contact in the law firm, at court and on-site appointments as far as possible. Since we have largely digitized the law firm, communication via telephone, email and, as far as courts and lawyers are concerned, is possible via the beA. Please use this opportunity and help to minimize the infection with Covid-19!
As far as possible, our clients should not be subject to any restrictions, which is why we ensure that deadlines and dates are also met in the future. We keep you up to date!

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Effects of the spread of the corona virus on the judiciary in Rhineland-Palatinate

(Information from the Ministry of Justice Rhineland-Palatinate)

Dear Sirs and Madames,

the current dynamic crisis situation forces the country’s judiciary to take measures

which also affect the legal profession in its diverse contacts with courts and public prosecutors. I ask for your understanding for the resulting impairment of the cooperation.

In order to minimize the number of social contacts and thus contagion risks and thus further reduce the spread of the coronavirus, it was agreed in close and trusting coordination with the judicial authorities to reduce the business operations to the essentials until further notice. The presence of people in the official offices of the courts and public prosecutor’s offices is to be restricted to an essential extent. Subject to judicial independence, only the maintenance of the mandatory business operations and the conduct of negotiations that cannot be postponed – in particular liability matters, investigative work, urgent matters and long-term criminal negotiations – must be ensured.

I am also certain of your support in the current, unprecedented crisis, in an effort to ensure that the judiciary is able to function under the rule of law and at the same time to protect the health of employees who have contact with our courts and public prosecutors. I would like to ask you to inform your members in a suitable form and to seek understanding from them.

Information on the current development can be found on the website https://jm.rlp.de/de/startseite/ or on the website of the courts or public prosecutors.

If you have any questions about the measures taken, please contact the Ministry of Justice Dr. Budroweit and Mr. Rädle are available at any time – also by phone.

Sincerely yours

Thomas Henrichs

General information for our clients

The current situation, around the topic of Corona, presents us all, our entire world, with unprecedented challenges!

For this reason, meetings in our office are currently not possible, nor are court appointments scheduled in the next few weeks.

Without digitalization, which has made great strides in recent years, this situation would also be inconceivable for us and the processing of your mandates! You can reach us by telephone at our usual telephone times, Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. We can be reached at any time by email, as our lawyers Moritz Eschbach and Andreas Gerhard are also working “remotely” and will also be available in the home office in the next few weeks. We can not only answer your inquiries quickly by email, but also contact the other party in this way. Contact to the court and other lawyers is ensured by the “beA”, the special electronic attorney mailbox. This should also make things easier for everyone involved in these difficult times.

We do our best to address your concerns, e.g. to solve as quickly as possible about a traffic accident, a dispute with a craftsman or a family law dispute! The courts also do not remain inactive and in many cases prefer a decision in writing or by way of comparison.

So don’t be afraid to contact us. Even if we don’t see each other, we can understand you!