Apart from the judicial and extra-judicial activities we also offer legal advice online.

In most cases, a personal conversation with the lawyer is mandatory when more complex facts and legal relations are involved. Frequently, the person intending to assert a right has clearly defined questions regarding the problem. In this event Online advice can be offered.

The advice is initiated by your e-mail inquiry. You describe the facts and ask your question. Then we will find out whether the question can be answered by Online advice. If this is the case we will submit an offer for consultancy fees. Only then you will decide whether you want to accept our offer. In this case you will remit the consultancy fee to one of our bank accounts. Thus the consultancy agreement is activated. We assure you that the advice is send to you not later than two days after receipt of payment.

If you do not want to accept our offer just renounce the remittance. We will then erase your inquiry after two weeks.

You will find more detailed information on Online-advice when activating one of the following topics:


1. Effecting of Agreement
For the present, the transmission of the facts and your question does not represent a legally relevant statement, but is rather a request for a fee offer. The consultancy agreement is effected as soon as you agree to the offer by remitting the fee to one of our bank accounts or by mailing a cheque in the appropriate amount. Of course we can only process inquiries which are filled in completely.

2. Legal Expenses Insurance
If you are in possession of a legal expenses insurance, please contact your insurance company to clarify whether the expenses of the Online-advice will be assumed. If this is the case you are free to forward our invoice to the insurance company and to ask for compensation. You can gather this information form the insurance official in charge.

3. Secrecy
We cannot guaranty secrecy of the message contents due to the internet and/or e-mail communication in plain language. Basically, we presume that we may and can answer your message in plain language in the same manner. If you want to preclude the risk, please request explicitly that our comment should be forwarded to your mailing address.

4. Exclusion of Liability
The process of your inquiry will be based on the facts given to us. We cannot be held liable for advisory errors caused by an incomplete or inappropriate statement of the facts. No liability is assumed for the announced processing time unless specific deadlines were agreed explicitly and were confirmed by us in writing. In no case we will assume liability for the duly receipt of our comment. Further, no liability is assumed for power outages or disturbances caused by our provider or a third party. The same applies when we are temporarily out of reach because of maintenance work on our own network. The above mentioned exclusion of liability will of course not be valid in case of intent or gross negligence on our part.

5. Data Protection
Your personal data will be collected and processed for the purpose of the consultancy agreement only. The documents of communication will be printed out and filed for a period of five years starting after the completion of the mandate.

6. Final Clause
In case provisions of the agreement or terms of this contract are, or become ineffective, this will not effect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision will be substituted by such a provision which is efficiently and economically closest to the ineffective meaning and purpose. The same applies to possible incompletenesses of the contract.

Fees of Online-Advice

First of all, your inquiry for Online-advice is free of charge. You will receive our offer which you can accept by remittance to one of our bank accounts.

The amount of costs will be established based on the Lawyers’ Remuneration Law (RVG). If you are a consumer and matters can be settled with the first advice, like in most cases, that means a single answer to your questions, expenses in the amount of 10.00 Euro to 190.00 Euro plus the legitimate Value Added Tax will accrue. The amount of the fee will be determined by the value of subject-matter, either stated by you or established by us after further inquiry.

For simple cases like with a value of subject-matter of 300.00 Euro a fee of 13.75 Euro plus Value Added Tax will accrue; a value of subject-matter of 1.000.00 Euro will cost 46.75 Euro plus Value Added Tax.

It will be mentioned in our offer if in our opinion the initial advice will not suffice to settle the matter.

Our bank account for Online-Advice

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Account No.: 49 403
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    Please read our terms and conditions thoroughly before sending your inquiry. These conditions contain important information explaining the 'rules' of our cooperation. When sending your inquiry you confirm that you took notice of our conditions and that you consent to the validity of the consultancy agreement.