Moritz Eschbach

Attorney at law, Specialist lawyer for traffic law,

specialist lawyer for Building law

Focal points of activity:

Traffic Law

Civil Law

Labour Law

Landlord Disputes and Apartment Ownership Law

Medical Law

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Member of the German Lawyer’s Association (DAV)
Member of the Cooperation Traffic Law

Andreas Gerhard

Attorney at law

Focal points of activity:

Family Law

Labour Law

Inheritance Law

Insurance Law

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Member of the German Lawyer’s Association (DAV)

Building and architect law

Are you planning a building project and have problems with the building permit? Are you unsure about the contract with a property developer or have you already built without having previously applied for a building permit?

We advise you on the development and drafting of construction contracts, accompany you during the execution of the contract and support you in identifying and eliminating defects, in building acceptance and in enforcing work wage claims.

Of course, you, as the client, will also receive comprehensive advice and legal support.

We advise architects and civil engineers with regard to all contractual questions, to secure and enforce fee claims, to assert planning and construction monitoring defects as well as individual questions under professional liability law.

We represent you out of court and in all legal proceedings, including independent evidence procedures to secure evidence.

Insurance law

Regardless of whether you are a private individual, a trader or a company, insurance protects against financial ruin in the event of damage and is therefore essential.

Regrettably, there are often disputes between the policyholder and the insurance company in the event of a claim, and there are disputes surrounding the conclusion of the contract.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with qualified advice and representation on all insurance and liability law issues.

We are also the point of contact for insurance companies in defending or enforcing their claims and therefore know the interests of both sides.

This experience enables us to achieve practical and effective solutions for our clients.

Traffic law

Have you been involved in an accident without fault and the opponent’s insurance company refuses to pay your damage? Have you been traveling too fast with your vehicle and have received a fine or have you been accused of another traffic violation? In the worst case, your driving license could be withdrawn.

So that it doesn’t even come to this, we represent you in all questions relating to road traffic. For example:

  • Accident handling
  • fines
  • Driving license
  • Crimes (e.g. flight from an accident)

Avoid tedious processes – we take care of an immediate processing, so that you quickly get your rights and money.

We are also happy to help if there are problems with the garage or when buying new or used cars. A contract review usually reveals quickly whether there is an effective warranty exclusion or whether the seller has even given a quality guarantee.

Tenancy and residential property law

Disputes can arise during the tenancy. For example, there may be disputes about a declared rent increase, rent reduction due to mold or inconsistencies in the settlement of utilities.

Disputes cannot always be avoided because one’s own legal position must be defended. In that case, legal assistance is particularly useful.

The termination of the rental contract or the warning of a tenant also give ample cause for disputes.

We advise you in particular on all questions relating to the termination, the obligation to carry out cosmetic repairs and the repayment of the rental deposit.

Employment Law

Have you received a warning or even notice from your employer, or have you been offered a termination agreement as part of a restructuring?

Labor law is of enormous importance to employers and employees not only from an economic point of view and has therefore been an essential focus of our law firm for many years.

It starts with the support of companies in everyday labor law issues and ends with the support of employees in enforcing wage claims.

Inheritance law

It is becoming increasingly important to settle legal matters in old age. In fact, seniors are often faced with more complex questions. It is important to be able to rely on someone who is there to help and advise.

We provide you with sound advice, for example on drafting wills and assets, on inheritance disputes, inheritance and estate disputes, or on the question of how high the mandatory share for children or siblings is.

A power of attorney and an advance directive are now also essential to regulate the case of care or a medical emergency so that the people you trust can determine your financial circumstances. A regulation is imperative here, because if you are no longer conscious or have legal capacity, it is too late!

Your legal affairs are in good hands with us and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Family law

According to current statistics, every third marriage is divorced. We produce marriage contracts for you and advise you on all aspects of divorce. From the requirements for a divorce, to the right of access with regard to children, to maintenance issues, you are right with us.

But there are also plenty of controversies when it comes to parent support or profit sharing, where we can provide you with expert support. With us, your legal affairs are in good hands and you no longer have to worry about anything.

Real estate law

Are you arguing with your neighbors where the property boundary is or are you not sure whether you have a right to walk or drive over the neighboring property?

Real estate and real estate law primarily regulates the acquisition and sale, management, encumbrance or auction of real estate and real estate. Legal questions around the property are usually complex and relate to high assets.

With legal advice from our law firm, you secure yourself and your property legally.